Remaining Positive in a Negative World

Remaining Positive in a Negative World

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Remaining positive in a negative world is an everyday challenge. It is not my natural tendency to awake in a happy, positive mood, excited for life. Remaining positive is a decision I must make each morning. I hope you will find value in the following list of peace and positivity building habits.  They continue to change my negative attitude to a positive attitude when I practice them.

Daily Habits to Increase Peace and Positivity

  • I say, out loud, “Today will be a good day!”
    • After getting out of bed, I escape to the solitude of porch with my coffee in hand. I have a brief talk with God, and I make the decision that today will be a good day. Almost always, I return from my porch much happier. 


  • I don’t read or watch the news, check social media or read emails first thing in the morning.
    • Considering most of the news is marketed based on “shock value” this is a setup; a recipe for negativity. I find most of the stories extremely negative and disturbing. I’m left feeling anxious, fearful and sad. First, I must center myself and decide today is going to be a good day. Then, if I must get my daily dose of bad news, I do it in the afternoon when my spirit is up, and I’m filled with gratitude. However, I do enjoy reading something in the morning, so I have six daily meditation books. They are scattered throughout the house, and on the porch. I read those, and am provided some positive reflection for the day. Negativity is contagious, don’t allow it to manifest.
  • I re-frame my thinking.
    • Reframing is a psychological technique where you dispute/change negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Reframing has completely changed my attitude on many occasions. For example: I no longer say, “I have to do laundry today”. I tell myself that “I get to do laundry today, in the comfort of my own home, so that my family may have clean clothes”. This is not a luxury afforded to all people, so for it, I am grateful. Next, I turn liabilities into assets.  For example: Instead of thinking that my ADHD is negatively affecting my ability to complete tasks. I remind myself that my ADHD positively allows me the ability to multi-task (like a boss), and to be a highly motivated individual. Regardless of what order I get the stuff done, it gets done. Lastly, I look at all my problems as opportunities to improve myself. How fabulous!
  • Practice mindful breathing.
    • Take several deep breathes, in through the nose and out through the mouth, and focus solely on your breathing at that present moment. Think of nothing but how you presently feel. If stress arises throughout the day, do this again. Remind yourself, no feeling last forever, and it will pass.


  • Make a short (or long) gratitude list.
    • I jot down 5 things I am grateful for. This practice allows me to focus on the good in my life lest the bad. I find this especially helpful when Aunt Flo is in town, and I’m feeling increasingly homicidal (JK. I am totally kidding. lol) Also, I save my lists, so I can look back over the many things I should be grateful for, should I ever run out. (I have never ran out.)
  • I make TO-DO lists.
    • I find ToDo lists extremely helpful. Do not overwhelm yourself with a list of 25 outrageously ambitious goals. Goal setting should start small and remain realistic. Last year, I read an article in college that said: Most people fail at goals because they fail to plan, so make a list and cross it off as you go. At the end of the day, it is an incredible feeling of accomplishment as you admire all the things you’ve completed.
  • I surround myself with positive people.
    • Personally, I surround myself with upbeat, positive and like-minded people. My immediate circle is comprised of people whom I admire, people who add value to my life, and people who do good for themselves and others. Most importantly, these people build me up, and don’t tear me down. This includes family members who love to call and talk sh*t to anyone who will listen. I won’t do it. I won’t have it in my life, and I have made this clear. This is called, setting boundaries. I let friends and family know what I will or will not tolerate. They know if they’re looking to gossip, I’m the wrong person to call.
  • I practice unconditional self-acceptance.
    • I tell myself that I have worth, and that I am a good person. I don’t hate on myself in the mirror. When I make a mistake, I gently remind myself of my humanness. I do not put myself down. Repetition becomes habit, so soon enough, you will begin to believe the things you tell yourself.

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