Benefits of Using Peer Support in Recovery

Benefits of Using Peer Support in Recovery

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“The purpose of peer recovery support services is to provide hope to those in recovery and to help them stay in recovery, thus reducing the likelihood of relapse. With their powerful message of hope, combined with the experience of the peers who have been successful in their recovery efforts, these services extend the clinical reach of treatment and go directly into the lives of people who most need them.”

Benefits of Peer Recovery Support Systems

“Recovery support is provided through treatment, services, and community-based programs by behavioral health care providers, peer providers, family members, friends and social networks, the faith community, and people with experience in recovery. Recovery support services help people enter into and navigate systems of care, remove barriers to recovery, stay engaged in the recovery process, and live full lives in communities of their choice.”

“Every time I encounter someone who is new in recovery, I encourage them to start building their peer support. I encourage them to start reaching out to people who have some time, as well as people they can relate to. I stress that in my experience who you hang out with is so critical to staying sober so pick people that have what you want!”

“In my view, the most important service that a recovery community support center offers is the assignment of a peer recovery support specialist or recovery coach to work with each client that comes to the center.”

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