The 3 S Philosophy of LifeRing Secular

The 3 S Philosophy of LifeRing Secular

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The 3 S Philosophy of LifeRing Secular Recovery

This simple 3 S Philosophy is demonstrated in LifeRing’s meeting format.

Sobriety – LifeRing promotes total-abstinence from alcohol and other drugs. Alcohol and other drugs are not viewed separately, but both as addictive substances for which we should abstain.

Secularity –  LifeRing believes that recovery is the responsibility of the person in recovery. It is asked that religion should be practiced at church or in one’s personal life. Much like a Weight Watchers meeting, religion, spirituality, agnostic and atheist discussion is off topic. In a 2005 poll, 40% of their members attended church

Self-Help – LifeRing is a supportive environment for you to build the recovery program that fits you rather than a one-size-fits-all model. More information on Self-Help coming soon.

Read the whole book here: Empowering Your Sober Self by Nicolaus Martin

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