Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching Services

Eminent Potential provides Professional Recovery Coaching to individuals and loved ones affected by addiction. A Certified Recovery Coach has expertise in the field of addiction based on personal experience and followed by education and training in multiple pathways to recovery. The responsibility of the coach is to provide peer support as they guide the client in the recovery process by offering non-biased, non-confrontational, total acceptance and motivational encouragement through the recovery process.


What Can an Addiction Recovery Coach do for you?

A Recovery Coach offers personal experience on how to live a life free of addictive substances, and how to rebuild a life after addiction. This service is designed to help anyone who desires to stop an addiction or an addictive behavior. Coaching is based on the needs of the client by providing hope, optimism, motivation and encouragement. The focus is on strengths and existing abilities of the client. Just a few of the things to work on are stress and anxiety management, positive psychology practices, self-esteem building exercises, time management, goal setting skills, relapse prevention, trigger tolerance, positive thinking, re-framing, mindfulness, etc. etc. The Coach works to assist the clients in finding purpose, meaning and personal fulfillment that they never dreamed possible.

What Can a Family Recovery Coach do for you?

Why does the family need a coach?  Coaching is focused on teaching the family what to expect when their loved one goes to treatment, and what to expect when they return home. What to do and not to do. How to identify manipulative behavior, and how to deal with confrontation. How to stop enabling the loved one, and learn to say no. I can help you practice trust with your loved one again, and how to have open, honest and non-judgmental communication. Addiction affects the entire family, so it is extremely important that the entire family participate in recovery.

How does Recovery Coaching Work?

An initial phone call or email consultation will occur to determine clients needs, goals and expectations of the coach and the process. After a working agreement has been established, payment arrangement will be discussed and payment can be submitted through Paypal. Various plans are available. We offer text and email support, telephone and video coaching. Coach will provide weekly assignments, daily check in and weekly accountability meetings. Our goal is to help all recovering people and their families, so we will work with you on pricing. I do not want financial strain to stand in the way of anyone’s recovery.

Who can benefit from my services?

Anyone who wishes to stop an addictive substance or behavior and friends, family and loved ones of addicted persons who are also trying to heal.

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My name is Jaymee. I am the head coach and owner of Eminent Potential. I am a 32-year-old woman in recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism. Since coming into recovery, I’ve made it my life’s mission to help addicted individuals and their families recover.

Addiction Recovery & Family Recovery Coaching

I’ve been a recovery coach for three years. First as a volunteer, and now in private practice. Initially, I coached only individuals with addictions, but as time passed, my coaching evolved into addiction recovery and family recovery coaching. In addition to professional training and education, I have personal experience of the negative effects of addiction on the family. I’m a child of an addict and an alcoholic. The granddaughter, niece, and cousin of alcoholics and addicts, so it is only right that I specialize in family recovery coaching as well.  The family is equally affected by addiction, and they are just as in need of recovery and freedom from bondage.

Experience, Education & Certifications

I received my Certification in Recovery Coaching through CCAR. In addition to my certifications and training in addiction recovery. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Robert Morris University. Currently, I am pursuing a Masters of Science in Professional Counseling with a specialization in Addictions at Carlow University. I have extensive experience and training in SMART Recovery, LifeRing Secular Recovery, 12-Step Recovery (AA/NA), CBT, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and prayer & meditation. I am able to use all of these elements during coaching, but if the client prefers one over the other or the absence of some, that is fine. We will focus solely on the needs of the individual.

My personality is quite unique, and experience diverse. I am down-to-earth, upbeat and positive. I am dedicated, motivated and hard-working. I have a good sense of humor, and I love to laugh. My experience includes backgrounds of all types.  I have several years of experience speaking and coaching in the prison system, Drug Court, DUI Court, Mental Health Court and other criminal justice settings. I speak in high schools and churches, to young adults and middle-aged adults in various stages of life. I have coached mothers, sisters, and grandparents of addicted people. I have coached people who have and have never entered treatment or the criminal justice system. My open-mindedness, willingness, and transparency have proved vital in the coaching process. I am not a judging person, for I have been there. My family has been there, and many of them still remain. I possess a genuine desire to help above all else, and that sets me above the rest.

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Don’t Keep Doing the Same Thing Expecting Different Results.
Try Something New.

If you have tried everything else, and nothing worked, what do you have to lose by giving recovery coaching a try?  Contact me today. You don’t have to do this alone. Don’t live one more day feeling the way you do.

How does the coaching process work?

My services are available via text, email, telephone coaching, and video conferencing. The coaching process will include, but not be limited to the following: weekly strength-based exercises aimed at focusing on goals and building motivation, stress and anxiety management, worry control, relaxation techniques, self-awareness, self-love, self- acceptance, relapse prevention and recovery maintenance, journaling, daily check-ins, positive thinking, prayer, and meditation. We will attempt to identify, target and reduce negative thinking and addictive.

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You don’t have to do this alone.

I can help you recover using whatever pathway you choose. Just reach out. Email me @ or fill out the box below. I hope to hear from you soon!